Meet the Casamatic Team: Nora

One thing we’re super excited about for this summer (besides the peak of home buying season) is our new intern! Meet Nora Molinaro, Casamatic’s Design Intern.

Tell us a bit about yourself.
Hi, I’m Nora. I’m an incoming senior at Miami University studying interactive media with a dual focus in motion and sound design stacked with two minors in poetry and graphic design. I really like discovering what big words mean after they’ve already been said and when we have Casamatic waffle Thursday.

What’s your job at Casamatic?
I try my best to make all print and interface material look pretty and in line with the Casamatic brand. I’m the person you come to and say “I don’t know, just make it pop,” and then I spend time daydreaming about what that pop looks like, sounds like, tastes like. I am said graphic and motion design intern.

So, Nora. Why would you want to intern at Casamatic?
Two reasons. The purpose of the company and the people of the company. It is such a joy to sit behind the scenes of an incredible idea that is changing the way humans dream about home buying. And these people at this long table are selfless and hardworking. Silly and kind. Did I mention hard working? I’d like to say it’s contagious.

Slack for iOS Upload
Intern Nora using her standing desk.

What is your favorite tool/app that you use every day?
I have a couple that I fancy. The Noun Project is really useful in seizing static icons for free usage (with a membership). For various design inspiration, I am in awe of the creations on Muzli and From Up North. I got suckered into that Spotify premium subscription which I have no regrets about. Spotify is the ultimate necessity to get through every task, every day. I refuse to work without it. And the metro app! Public transportation is fire.

What are you listening to right now?
It All Starts Here – Magic Man. Feel free to check out the public playlist labeled “casa head” via Spotify.

Office drink and snack of choice?
The seasonal coffee brew here at 84.51°, paired with 12 apples that John David Back has been delivering to my desk.

What is a key feature of your dream home?
Enough property to make a sturdy tire swing. Something pretty to look out, outside. Big enough backyard and kitchen to play ghost in the graveyard and then seat 10 people around a dark wooden table.

What is your perfect match on Casamatic?
223 E Hillside Street, Phoenix, AZ

This place is a dream. Nobody snatch it in the next 10 years, please. I love it for a number of reasons. 1.) It’s a 15 minute commute to my dream job at Big U Music, a sound design recording studio. 2.) Check out that desert / garden oasis. Perfect hiding places. 3.) It met all of my requirements (4 bedrooms, good amount of property space to play, ideal commute, ranch style). Guess I’m heading to Phoenix, next! Who knew.