Expertly Managing Leads with Casamatic & Follow Up Boss

As real estate agents, creating a great client experience is key. Follow Up Boss provides seamless communication and organization among an entire team of agents, while Casamatic creates the ultimate experience for buyers. Combining the two saves you time and creates a smooth experience for clients.

Built on strong relationships between clients and their agents, the real estate industry requires constant organization of and communication with leads and clients. Follow Up Boss provides teams of agents with seamless organization of leads, making it easy to assign a contact to the right agent and ensure they aren’t left in the dark.

Follow Up Boss is there to help agents warm up leads and stay in contact until they’re ready to start their home search. When a lead turns into a client and is finally ready to start actively looking for homes, that’s where Casamatic comes in.

integrate casamatic and follow up boss

Casamatic is a home matching and client management tool for real estate agents to keep an eye on and stay engaged with buying clients, while showing them homes they’ll truly love. Our home matching algorithm sends buyers homes that fit their lifestyle preferences, not just basic search criteria. Automated emails with new home matches and updates keep buyers 14 x more engaged than the average real estate email.

Agents can now focus on serious home buyers, while Casamatic keeps passive buyers happy and engaged. On the agent dashboard, buyer alerts let you know when more active buyers have new home matches or updates on homes they’re following, allowing you to follow up at the perfect time.

Separately, Follow Up Boss and Casamatic are powerful tools, and when used together, they can streamline client organization, leading to some very happy home buyers and an agent with more time to spend on building powerful relationships with clients.

Seamless Integration

To set up the integration, all you need is the API key for your Follow Up Boss account, found in Settings. Once set up, any Follow Up Boss clients tagged as “Casamatic” will automatically import into your Casamatic dashboard. New buyers added directly to Casamatic will also import into your Follow Up Boss account.

Warm up leads with Follow Up Boss, find their perfect home with Casamatic

Warm up a prospective buying client in Follow Up Boss by staying in touch and following up regularly. Add the “Casamatic” tag when they’re ready to start looking for a home, and they’ll receive an automatic email invite. You can still keep track of your email conversations in Follow Up Boss, while Casamatic sends them perfectly matched homes in automated emails.

Stop wasting time organizing and moving client information around. Integrate your Casamatic and Follow Up Boss accounts and focus on what you do best: building relationships and selling homes.

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