Austin, Casamatic for Real Estate Agents is Here

Here at Casamatic, we’re excited to start off 2017 with a bang, now offering our innovative tech to real estate agents in 3 new cities, so more agents can provide their clients our artificial intelligence technology that matches them to their perfect homes. Bonus: we’ve added some great new features, too. ?

Casamatic Launches in Austin

Casamatic for Real Estate Agents Now in Austin

We’re excited to be introducing our tool for agents in Austin this month, as well as Chicago and Columbus.

Why Austin? The city’s tagline is “Keep Austin Weird” – is that not reason enough? The diverse city is always bustling, whether it be for SXSW, Austin City Limits, or some other celebration of the arts, innovation, or culture. The never-ending list of things to do draws people from all walks of life, from students and young professionals to families. There are dozens of booming neighborhoods that we can’t wait to showcase to new home buyers in the area.

New Features

Now for what’s new with Casamatic. First, you can now sign up for a free 14 day trial to see if Casamatic is a good fit for you business. Visit our website to start your trial today!

We’ve made a handful of improvements to our the agent dashboard, giving you more insights on buyers, allowing you to edit a buyer’s preferences and results as you get to know their needs, and making sure you always know when clients are likely ready to buy.

In the buyer profile, we’re now pulling in social media data that’s available online. Learn more about what your client does for a living via LinkedIn and what they like to do via Facebook and Twitter. If it’s available, we’ll share it with you!

Casamatic for Real Estate Agents Now in Austin

As you get to know your clients and their home buying needs better, you can adjust their preferences to help match them to their ideal homes. If you know a client is itching to live in specific neighborhoods, school districts, or cities, you can now set them as Preferred Areas, and they’ll be more likely to see homes in those areas on Casamatic. Mark places you know a client would never move as Excluded Areas, and they won’t appear in client’s results.

Casamatic for Real Estate Agents Now in Austin

If a client’s preferences are too specific, leading to little to no results, we’ll send you an alert. That way, you can make clients aware of the limited availability, encourage them to expand their preferences, or make some tweaks to increase their results.

A key part of Casamatic is making sure you know when clients are actively looking and ready to buy, so that you can focus your time on serious buyers. On the updated Casamatic client dashboard, we’ll place a ?️ next to buyers who are actively looking at homes, so you know who to focus your time on.

Visit your Casamatic dashboard to check out these new updates! If you don’t have a Casamatic account yet, sign up for a free 14 day trial today.