Introducing Casamatic for iPhone

Here at Casamatic, we’re constantly improving our product to make the home buying experience as seamless as possible. We review our data, study our users, and ask for your feedback on a daily basis. And boy, have we learned a lot.

A key learning has been that the home buying experience doesn’t just happen on your laptop. A majority of our users are looking for homes on their phones. So we decided to make things a little easier for you.

Today we’re launching Casamatic for iPhone.

Download it here.

Now you can take Casamatic with you wherever you are. Your experience will flow from desktop to mobile without a hitch. Update your home preferences, scroll through listings, and even schedule showings all from your phone.

Things happen fast in real estate. New listings pop up throughout the day, prices change, showings get scheduled. With our mobile app you can stay up to date on everything wherever you are.smaller_file_AppScreens-CorrectSpacing-SmallerSides copyThe mobile app has all the great features of our website, with a few added perks. Here’s a few of our favorite new features:

Phone Notifications

Now you can choose to get emails and/or mobile notifications when you get a new match, so you can instantly see the new listing, regardless of where you are.

Plus, get notified when a favorited home has updates! You’ll know right away if new photos are added or if the price drops.

Easy Sharing

See a home listing you absolutely LOVE, and want your partner or friends to see it right away? In the app, you can just tap “share” and send it via text or email, post it Facebook, or Tweet about it!

Schedule Showings

If you find that perfect home on the go, don’t wait to get home to schedule a showing. Pick a time and request a showing right from the app! You’ll get a text confirmation within 10 minutes.

Have multiple showings set up? You can keep track of all scheduled showings right in the app so you don’t mix things up.

Download the app!