Casamatic is Now Available For Real Estate Agents

We’ve got news – Casamatic is now available to real estate agents and brokers. A branded experience with our home matching AI that buyers already love, paired with an easy-to-use agent dashboard, will give any agent a competitive advantage.

Not only does this benefit real estate agents, but it will upgrade the client’s experience, with more accurate home listings and even more data than Casamatic provided before.
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Features – Agent Dashboard

Agent Dashboard

Welcome to your agent dashboard. Here, you can keep an eye on all of your clients (that you quickly added via a CSV file or your CRM tool). We’ll point out important updates on your most active clients so that you know to reach out to them.

Buyer Profile

Each client has their own profile, where you can see their contact information, individual alerts, and preferences.

Buyer Profile Engagements Buyer Profile Favorites

You can keep tabs on what properties your client has viewed online and what homes they’ve ‘favorited’, so you can easily start conversations about properties they’re interested in. You can also see the top homes they’ve been matched with, so you can get an idea of the type of home they’re looking for.

Features – Client Experience

Buyer Emails

When you add a new client to Casamatic, they’ll receive an email introduction with a welcome message from you, and be prompted to fill in their preferences. Then our Home Match algorithm will match them with homes that fit their personality and needs.

Clients automatically receive an email from you when new homes come onto the market that match their preferences or when their favorite homes have updates.

Buyer Home Listing

Ready to give your clients the best experience out there? Head on over to or click below to request a demo of Casamatic for Agents.

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If you know an agent that could benefit from Casamatic, refer them! We made it easy with this quick referral form. Bonus: if the referred agent signs up, you’ll get a $50 reward!