4 Pieces of Advice for the First Time Home Buyer

Going into home buying as a first-timer is scary. Buying a home is a big, expensive life decision, and you’re likely to mess up in a few aspects, and that’s okay. To help ease your stress of being a first time home buyer, we talked with a handful of relatively new (or brand new) homeowners to see what tips they have for all of you.

Revae just recently bought her first home.

Do not go into home buying thinking you will get everything on your “want” list. I learned throughout this process that there were certain things I had to sacrifice. For me, it was a garage. For others, a third bedroom, fenced in backyard, etc… Make a list ahead of time of your must haves and your compromises. That will be helpful.

Make a list ahead of time of your must haves and your compromises.

Also, don’t be afraid to negotiate and don’t be afraid to walk away! You need to know what your non-negotiables are ahead of time and don’t bend on those things. During my inspection it was discovered that the house needed a new roof. This was a non-negotiable for me and I almost walked away. Thankfully, I was able to come to a compromise with the seller, but it’s important to think about these things ahead of time.

Rachel and Reid are recent homebuyers.

Don’t settle for “kind of getting it”. We had never purchased a home before, or done anything nearly as confusing or stressful in our lives. There are so many pieces to the puzzle – offers, inspections, pre-approvals, oh my! It’s enough to make your head spin (or explode). Thankfully, our realtor was patient and answered every single question that we had. Our mortgage agent was a true angel. She met with us many times and answered every question about mortgages as many times as we needed her to. Our inspector was an absolute shark and was not afraid to fight for us and our needs to our seller, which was essential to us in buying a 125 year old home.
first time home buyer
There are so many places along the path to buying a home that are intimidating, confusing, and downright frustrating. Don’t settle for working with anyone that doesn’t make you completely comfortable, or who makes you feel silly for asking questions. You deserve to “get it”, every step of the way, especially as a first time home buyer. If someone makes you feel anything other than smart for asking tough questions, don’t work with them.

James and Joe are recent Casamatic homebuyers.

You quickly learn just how much work owning your own home really is, but it’s absolutely worth it! You’re also constantly finding small projects to do, whether it’s randomly digging a fire pit or needing new downspouts on your gutters. Not only do you have to consider old piping, electrical outlets, and fixtures, but also the roof, brick and major appliance maintenance.

You quickly learn just how much work owning your own home really is, but it’s absolutely worth it!

Whether you’re buying a new home or a fixer upper, our number one piece of advice is to be ready for anything and everything.  Make sure to have a little nest egg for those unexpected problems or even just in case you want to splurge on an item you didn’t even know you wanted, such as a grill you didn’t really need!

Laura and Ryan have owned their home for 5 years now.

Things do break, and you’ll have to be ready to fix them yourself. A vacuum and a plunger are always a must, and they should be your first purchases along with a toolbox that includes an adjustable wrench, various screwdrivers, a hammer, and a flashlight.


Also, our house came with an above ground pool, which is great to have, but it took some time to learn how to keep it cleaned. Neither of us grew up having a pool, so we had to learn and ask for help from our neighbors who were pool owners. We’re finally getting into it after having the house for 5 years!

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