Top 6 Sweet Tooth Cravings in Scottsdale

Wishing and hoping (and praying) that there could be a no calorie sugar fix, I set out to “nommie” on some desserts (new and not so new). My waistline isn’t mad and hopefully yours won’t be either. Too hard limiting the list to five, here’s my top picks for sugar highs in Old Town Scottsdale.

Tommy V’s Homemade Tiramisu

tiramisu tommy vNow, for an east coast gal, this dessert is heaven; pure heaven. Not an exact taste-bud-explosion as I’ve tasted in Little Italy; yet I’ve gone back to Tommy V’s and gorged on this more than a handful of times. The dessert is homemade and if you’re having an aperitif, I highly recommend the espresso martini to compliment the dessert’s fantastic flavors (delish).

Dossant from The Herb Box Market

dossant herb boxImagine a churro and donut come together and have a sugary-sweet baby. Get one, no-no-no get two! Avoiding others, wanting to try “a bite”, can become an issue so nobody will judge you for hiding out in your car.

Oreganos’ Homemade Pizza Cookie

pizzokie oreganosPizza. Cookie. A local staple in the valley, these locations boast one of the best pizza cookies around. Warning: they take upwards of 30 minutes to make. They have the go-to favorite flavors (peanut butter or chocolate chip) and sometimes they get a little snazzy and up the cool factor with newer additions.

Golden Gate Cake from AZ88

golden gate cake AZ88Let them eat cake! Butter rum cake topped with Häagen-Dazs vanilla ice cream, real butterscotch and homemade whipped cream, this dish left me surprisingly happy. Brad, my favorite waiter here, never steers me wrong, “You have to try this dessert!” So I boldly went where I don’t normally go (read: into the cake eating world). The cake isn’t overly soaked in the rum and the butterscotch is a perfect companion for the dish. Having high hopes, I tried (really I did) to finish this solo. Alas, it’s more of a dish to share with a foodie friend.

Dierks Bentley’s Whiskey Row Homemade Mama’s Monkey Bread

IMG_3463Heaven in bites… creamy goodness. This divine dish comes in a cast iron skillet big enough to share with a few close friends (or hog it to yourself; I’ll be honest there have been times when I have done that). And shockingly, they have more than just one dessert that I love. This is a rarity so read below what I adore about the fruity treat.

Dierks Bentley’s Whiskey Row Homemade Strawberry Dessert

straw shortcake dbwrExecutive Chef, Mike Reed, has another dish that technically I shouldn’t list, because it’s not on the menu, but my readers know that I never adhere to silly rules. The dessert doesn’t have a name, so I have dubbed it the Drunken Strawberry Cake. So what is it? Get ready… homemade strawberry shortcake, bourbon, hand churned bourbon vanilla ice cream and topped with a fruit medley. Loving the locals, Mike purchases the fruit from local farms in Arizona. Helpful hint… The desserts are only available during brunch Sa Sun 11am – 2pm.

Ready, set, EAT! Let us know which of these desserts you like best.

Photos courtesy of author & Yelp.

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