Hop Aboard For the Most Incredible Dinner Ever: the Cincinnati Dinner Train

There’s no classier way to see the city than with a whimsical ride on the Queen City’s one and only Cincinnati Dinner Train. Here’s why it should be on anyone’s Cincinnati bucket list…

Have you ever been watching an old movie and thought, “Wow. Train travel looked so luxurious back in the day. I wish I could have an old-school dinner train experience.” There’s something about the opulence of an old train car that just makes it timelessly cool. We get it.

Well, in Cincinnati you have two options to get that dinner train experience. The first is bringing a sack lunch down to the nearest railroad crossing and hopping on an empty freight car. (We don’t recommend this option) The second is to hop on the one-and-only Cincinnati Dinner Train.

cincinnati dinner train 7

With 3 vintage dining cars, the Cincinnati Dinner Train takes nearly 150 people on an unforgettable 3-hour train ride through the city with a full 4-course meal along the way each Saturday of the year.

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The train starts its journey through the Queen City from a parking lot near Cincinnati Gardens and travels to the east before snaking into downtown and finally to the tracks along Friendship Park and the Ohio River where it turns around for your return journey.

cincinnati dinner train 1

In addition to your swanky meal with a main dish of either prime rib, salmon, or glazed chicken breast, the Cincinnati Dinner Train also features the Queen City Tavern car.  The Queen City Tavern car has a cash bar, music, and two open side doors so you can really take in the experience with a cocktail in hand. Needless to say, this is our favorite car of the train.

cincinnati dinner train 9

Tickets for the full dinner train experience run about $85 a person (plus gratuity) so the dinner train isn’t exactly something you’ll do every weekend, but it’s perfect for a special occasion or celebration.

cincinnati dinner train 4

Not up for an $85 4-course meal experience but still want to booze on an awesome vintage train while taking in totally unique views of Cincinnati? Well, lucky for you the Cincinnati Dinner Train has a new option just for you: their new coach car, the Milwaukee Road #3200. From Cincinnati Dinner Train:

“The Milwaukee Road #3200 coach car with seating up to 60 is comfortable with two seats next to each other on either side of the aisle. The seats can be adjusted so that a group of four can face each other during the ride. Drinks are available for purchase from the adjacent Queen City Tavern car. Meals are not included in your ticket price.  You are more than welcomed on board a carryout meal from a local restaurant   Keep in mind, there are no tables in coach. You will be eating from your lap.”

Oh, by the way, that Milwaukee Road coach car is also kind of famous. You may recognize it from two scenes in the movie Carol.

cincinnati dinner train 2

A ride in the coach car will only set you back about $30.

In addition to their normal dinner runs, the Cincinnati Dinner Train also hosts special events ranging from murder-mystery dinner cruises to beer tasting parties. Follow along with them on Facebook to be in the know about the special events. Of course, if money is not a concern, you can book the entire train for your very own special event. Just remember to invite us. (Seriously, please invite us.)

cincinnati dinner train 8

To reserve your tickets for the next Cincinnati Dinner Train excursion email them at cdt@cincinnatirailway.com or call by phone at 513-791-RAIL (7245).

All photos via Cincinnati Dinner Train

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