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The 5 Best Tacos in Raleigh

For being one of the biggest cities south of the Mason-Dixon Line, Raleigh hosts a diverse and well-respected food scene. When you think of The South, you probably think of delicious barbecue and good home cooking. But what you might not know is that Raleigh boasts one of the best Latino food cultures on the east coast. This leaves Raleighites with a plethora of choices for a good taco, so we’ve taken the liberty of posting the best ones you can find in Raleigh below.

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Scouting North Person Street: An All-In-One Community

For the longest time most Raleigh goers’ knowledge of downtown and the surrounding areas stopped at the Krispy Kreme on Peace Street. Perhaps a post-church sugary treat, or a late night debaucherous indulgence drove the masses to the intersection of Peace and Person, but for a while it was nothing more than a sweet escape in that area of town. Now a thriving community exists past the borders of the famed donut giant’s parking lot, and that community is the ever-expanding North Person Street.

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