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Introducing Casamatic for iPhone

Here at Casamatic, we’re constantly improving our product to make the home buying experience as seamless as possible. We review our data, study our users, and ask for your feedback on a daily basis. And boy, have we learned a lot.

A key learning has been that the home buying experience doesn’t just happen on your laptop. A majority of our users are looking for homes on their phones. So we decided to make things a little easier for you.

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Caitlin & Kile’s Seamless Home Buying Experience

We’ve been busy here at Casamatic, expanding our service and our team. We’re now live in seven cities (Cincinnati, Chicago, Phoenix, Raleigh-Durham, Charlotte, Nashville & Columbus), we’ve brought on a new web designer (plus an intern), and we have some really cool stuff in the works. But, we still get most excited about the moment one of our users finds their perfect home.

Today, we’d like to introduce Caitlin and Kile, who may have had the most seamless home buying experience of them all.

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