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Why Millennials Should Move to Columbus

Many Millennials are looking for a flexible and culturally-rich lifestyle that is affordable. Although big cities like LA and NYC can offer culture and excitement, they’re expensive and making a mark is often difficult. This is why the midwest has turned into a thriving hub of young people willing to make their cities just as fulfilling as the heavy hitters.

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The 5 Best Breweries In Columbus

Columbus, Ohio has become a craft beer and foodie paradise over the last ten years. Breweries are focusing on exceptional and locally-sourced ingredients for not only their beer, but also the food served in their taprooms (or outside their doors in the food trucks parked on their property). It would take you quite a while to hit up each brewery to see which is your favorite – and trust us, you should do this. But we’ve done the heavy lifting (poor us) for you, so let us tell you where to start.

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