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5 tips for creating a perfect real estate team culture

When people think of sales companies of any kind, a great workplace culture is rarely something that comes to mind. We’ve all seen movies like Glengarry Glen Ross or even Wolf of Wall Street where sales companies are viewed as cutthroat, overly-competitive, isolating, and stressful. Thankfully, creative and caring brokers & agents can break the mold and create an office that attracts and retains the best talent in town, by creating a great real estate team culture.

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Selling to Millennial Home Buyers: Point Out These Features

When selling to millennial home buyers, it’s important to think of how they differ from other buyers in today’s market. It’s no surprise what catches the eye of the millennial buyer is quite different from other generations of buyers. While you can’t magically transform your listings into the perfect fits for every demographic, you can absolutely highlight the features that millennial buyers will find most attractive.

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