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Kelsey, Matt, and the House in Columbia-Tusculum

Here at Casamatic HQ, we get very, very excited when our users snag their perfect home. We’ve decided to start telling their stories–a series of “Casamatic: Where Are They Now?” catch-ups. We’re starting with Kelsey, who recently bought a beautiful home in Columbia-Tusculum.

Up until 10 days ago, I didn’t think we would leave downtown. Until, one Thursday morning I got my email from Casamatic… “Kelsey, is this the perfect home for you?” I opened it up and thought… “well, maybe it is.”

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The strange story behind one of America’s quirkiest houses…Cincinnati’s Mushroom House

It’s pretty ballsy of an architecture and interior design professor to let his students help design his own house, but sometimes, it works out to create something extraordinary– like in the case of the late Professor Terry Brown. The Cincinnati-based architect allowed 35 of his students from the Cincinnati College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning to help him re-fashion one of his homes, and in the process, created the city’s most loved and most whimsical house, affectionately known to locals as The Mushroom House.

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House Hunters: #StartupCincy Edition

If you’re like me, you spend weekends watching the inevitable marathon of House Hunters and/or House Hunters International (or any of the many shows that are basically House Hunters). We love looking at homes. So, we decided to ask our friends in the Cincinnati startup community (shout-out to #StartupCincy) and look through their favorite home matches from Casamatic.

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