Keeping your leads warm through the winter

Use these easy tips to keep real estate leads warm, and go from hibernating to incubating this winter.

Winter: the real estate professional’s most dreaded season. For some, keeping their sales pipeline growing during this time of year is tougher than pounding a “For Sale” sign into the frozen ground. Use these 3 tips to turn your winter into a lead generating bonanza.

Up your holiday card game

keep real estate leads warm

Well, we’re going to assume you’re at least sending a digital card for the December holiday season. That’s a good start.

The problem? Your e-card is one of about a hundred your past and potential clients will see in their inbox between Thanksgiving and New Years. Put simply, it’s played out. Especially when you assume most of these have a sales pitch at the end…

Consider upping your holiday card game.

  1. Send a Thanksgiving, MLK Day, or Presidents Day card (or e-card). There’s a much higher probability your card will be noticed.
  2. Go old-school and sent a REAL card with a handwritten note. Sure, it takes a long time, so maybe divide your leads into buckets and determine the ones you think are high value.

No matter what you choose to do, keep your sales pitches out of it. “Merry Christmas. Remember me this spring when you want to buy a house.” That isn’t the Christmas Spirit.

Party hard (and for a good cause)

keep real estate leads warm

Nothing gets us through the winter like food and booze. Consider hosting a party to chase away those wintertime blues.

Keep in mind, most people already have a fair amount scheduled around the holidays, so maybe throw yours in January or February as things settle for most people.

Also, most of your leads probably aren’t people you normally party with. They’re going to need a reason to come to your party that doesn’t feel awkward.

Team up with a local charity and other local businesses (preferably ones with large social media followings) to throw a party that does some real good. If you’re willing to plan the event, larger businesses may be willing to supply a large pool of attendees while still giving you plenty of credit.

Keep establishing yourself as the real estate “guru”

keep real estate leads warm

We talk about this a lot… If potential clients see you as an expert, they’ll come calling when they’re ready to buy or sell. Winter offers plenty of ways for you to provide true value to folks without seeming overly pushy. Here are a few ideas:

  1. Start collecting winterization and heating efficiency tips to pass along
  2. Team up with a local winterization or spring cleaning specialist to give your contacts special rates or coupons
  3. Stock up on articles, infographics, etc. related to preparing to buy or sell a home (tips on saving for a downpayment, etc.)

Take the 3 tips above and blast them on social media, in direct mail, and even door-to-door if it makes sense.

The winter months are perfect for positioning yourself as the trusted name in your market. Make sure you’re posting to social media frequently with good, helpful content or just general feel-good articles about your market.

Use this winter to keep real estate leads warm, making yourself a bigger part of your community and a name synonymous with home buying and selling.

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