5 FREE things you can be doing on Facebook every week

Make the most out of social media without spending a dime with these 5 free Facebook marketing ideas for real estate agents.

Does your blood pressure go up a little when we say the word “Facebook?” We completely understand. While we all agree being active on social media is important for real estate professionals, it still sounds like a big ball of frustration intended to take your money and make you pull your hair out.

Here are 5 things you can do for FREE that’ll up your Facebook game.

Make a business page for yourself

If you’re still using your personal Facebook profile to promote your real estate business, chances are your friends are getting a little tired of it. Your personal profile is for baby pictures, cat memes, and Buzzfeed articles.

Setting up a business page is easy as can be. Facebook has created easy instructions and a step by step guide to creating your business page.

Have you been using a personal profile as your real estate page for a while? There’s no need to lose all of that information and content – Facebook has created a guide for converting your personal account to a business page.

After you have your page set up, invite all your current friends and make an appeal on your personal page for folks to like the page so it has some size to it almost immediately.

Transitioning to a business page for your real estate business allows you to view insights and analytics about what people like and what people click on. You’ll also look more professional to potential clients seeing as a Facebook page is practically expected for any business millennials use.

Free Facebook Marketing Ideas for Real Estate

Above is an example of Casamatic’s Page Insights. We like to keep track of what types of posts get the most reach and clicks. You can even see analytics for individual posts, to see how many times the post has been clicked on, how many shares (and clicks on shares), as well as photo views.

Schedule a week’s worth of posts ahead of time

Free Facebook Marketing Ideas for Real Estate

Trying to keep up with posting to your Facebook page can be a real pain. Thankfully, Facebook pages allow you to schedule posts for a future date.

Schedule at least 1-2 posts for every single day. Make it a goal to also post 1 “spontaneous” thing every day or two. (Selfie with a new sold sign, etc.)

Keep in mind, Facebook’s algorithm is finicky. Check in on your “insights” tab every week to see what times of day seem to get the most likes, shares, and clicks as well as what type of content.

Mix up what you share on Facebook

Generally speaking, there are only a few “types” of things to post on Facebook: links to articles/websites, links to videos, pictures, straight text.

Did you know Facebook heavily ranks these in terms of what they show your followers? If your Facebook page is nothing but links to your listings, you’ll lose followers from boredom, and Facebook will get the hint and adjust so your remaining fans don’t even see your posts anymore.

So what should you be posting on Facebook?

The best agents we know pad their own listings with lots of other good content that can be scheduled out as we mentioned above.

Be a cheerleader for your local market. A few ideas…

  • Does your market have a “lifestyle” magazine? (i.e. Cincinnati Refined, Cincinnati Magazine)
  • Does your market have a Facebook group where people share old photos of the town or city? Share those over to your page! People will love it!
  • Your local sports teams, zoos, museums, etc. are also great sources for you to schedule up on your Facebook page.

You can also share helpful content for home buyers, like tips on mortgages, moving, redecorating, and more. Sites like NerdWallet and Curbed post great content for home buyers.

Finding content is surprisingly easy, and if you’re scheduling it out, it’ll only take a few minutes each week.

You can also utilize your Facebook page to not only promote your listings, but to showcase your successes! A page we love, The Zimmer Group, posts photos and quotes of their successful home buyers.

Free Facebook Marketing Ideas for Real EstateThis post is great for many reasons:

  • The high photo quality makes it attractive and drawing to the eye.
  • Tagging the home buyers, as well as the agent, means this post will show up on their profiles, and in their friend’s news feeds.
  • Getting a positive quote from the buyer is an instant review, showing potential clients that working with The Zimmer Group will lead to a great experience.

Check out The Zimmer Group’s page for more post inspiration!

Leverage other business’s social media

Do you go to the same coffee shop every day? Does that coffee shop have several thousand Facebook followers? Snap a picture of your pumpkin spice latte and say some wonderful words about the coffee shop along with the picture. Post it to your page and TAG the coffee shop. Hopefully, they’ll share it to their page and WAH-LA! You just got some major exposure.

Repeat this with all the businesses you use. Favorite appliance company fixing your fridge? Snap a pic, tag, and share.

Social media, even with a business page, is SOCIAL. Show some love, get some love.


Free Facebook Marketing Ideas for Real Estate

Facebook’s newest and most intimidating feature… Give it a try. There are plenty of little tutorials on how to “Go Live,” including a few from Facebook itself. A good way to give it a try? “Go Live” from your next open house and show off a room or two. We even found a great blog post about how Facebook Live can help your real estate business for further reading!

Why should you be going live? Facebook is pushing this feature so your video will be given priority on people’s news feeds. 

Are you already using these free Facebook ideas in your real estate business? Tell us how you’re doing, and share your own tips!

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